Who we are

4th Trimester Ecosystem is a grassroots, community-based network of maternal and child health advocates working to improve the health and wellbeing of Arizona birthing people and their children.

We are those who support families in their transition to parenthood, including social support, healthcare, and public health providers. From caregivers to policymakers — we come together with a shared commitment to improve the lives of postpartum families across Arizona.

Together we form an interconnected web of support for new families. We call this web the 4th Trimester Ecosystem, recognizing that we are all linked together in a network of care.

What we do

The challenges new families face are too complex to solve with a single initiative. Yet providers, non-profits, and change-makers often work in isolation, lacking the channels to share information and create widespread change. This outdated approach leads to unacceptable gaps in maternal care, particularly among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

We believe comprehensive, equitable postpartum support will only occur when we move beyond fragmented interventions and toward a collaborative approach.

We bring people together across organizations, professions, and communities, providing a framework for collaboration. Together we discuss challenges, identify emerging needs, and exchange ideas to find real-world solutions for families in Arizona.

Get involved!

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