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Sponsoring 4th Trimester Arizona is an excellent way to empower and support new mothers in the community. By sponsoring this nonprofit organization, you are actively contributing to improving the mental, physical, and emotional, health of new mothers during their postpartum period and beyond. 4th Trimester Arizona provides a range of support and services, including postpartum education, social support, workshops, access to local resources, and more. By being a sponsor, you are helping to make a meaningful difference in the lives of new mothers and their families, making a positive impact on the entire community.

Why is what we do important?

The United States

Has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the developed world

1 in 3

New mothers suffer from a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder

Social Support

65% of pregnancy-associated maternal deaths happen AFTER the birth–in the postpartum period

Our History.

We are an organization of families, health professionals, educators and local businesses that honors, supports and empowers all families of Arizona during their transition to parenthood and beyond. We do this through the production of community events, such as support groups, as well as the 4th Trimester Conference, a gathering of over 50 community organizations and over 300 attendees, offering Arizona families a full day of workshops, safe space for connection around sensitive topics, panel discussions, free access to wellness services, baby & me bonding activities, art, and an entire track just for Dads/Partners, all created to foster community collaboration, education, and access to local resources.

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