The 4th Trimester Arizona Conference is Our Opportunity To Connect and Create Our Village

Birth is tough. And the time after the  baby arrives? Tougher.

New parents are dealing with a tremendous amount. They are instantly caregivers, leaning in to a new identity, and renegotiating relationships. All while being the most sleep deprived they’ve ever experienced. Moreover, mama is battling with soreness and pain up here, down there, and everywhere.  Most expecting parents do not expect the physical and emotional challenges that come after the baby arrives.


The Birth Of The 4th Trimester Arizona Community

“It was my dream that families could come together to talk about the stuff that happens AFTER the baby is born,” says Jennie Bever, executive director and founder, on why she founded the organization.   “That we could talk about the things not seen on social media or heard about at your baby shower.” 

She knew the dream would need to become a reality whenever she would be open about her less-than-perfect experiences as a parent and how these were, more often than not, shared experiences. 

“We were dealing with the same things,” says Jennie.  The next step was to create a safe space where families could talk about the challenges of parenthood, as well as the joys. She and other families needed a community; a village.


Your Open Invitation: Come and Get The Support You Need and Deserve

Whether your baby is eight days, eight weeks, eight months or 18-years-old, we want you to join us for the 3rd Annual Fourth Trimester Arizona Conference. This event was made with you, parents and caregivers, in mind.  Check out what we have in store for you this year:

Mental Health, Parenting and Relationships Sessions


Relaxation and Healing Sessions


4th Trimester Preparation and Celebration (for both parents and professionals)

Please consider purchasing your tickets soon as the conference will be here in no time!

Days Until The Third Annual 4th Trimester Arizona Conference