Introducing Lullaby Project Arizona

4th Trimester Arizona is excited to announce our official partnership with Carnegie Hall as part of their globally successful Lullaby Project!

Developed by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, the Lullaby Project pairs pregnant and new parents with professional musicians to write and sing personalized lullabies for their new babies—greatly strengthening the parent-child bond while doing so.

Through the Lullaby Project, new parents have worked with musicians—including the likes of Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, and Catherine Zeta-Jones—to create more than 1,400 unique songs worldwide. We are honored to bring this life-changing creative project to Arizona!

The Healing Gift of Sound

There’s nothing more natural than a parent singing to a child. Beginning in the comfort of the womb, sound is the first bond a child experiences, and lullabies have been used universally across cultures from time memorial because intuitively, we know that sound soothes.

4th Trimester Arizona’s vision is that all families are embraced by their communities in their transition to parenthood. The Lullaby Project is a natural complement to that vision as it creates an opportunity for new parents living in stressful circumstances to explore how they can use music to heal, connect, and creatively express their hopes and dreams for their young children.

As beneficial for parents as it is for babies, the Lullaby Project has been proven to:

  • Support maternal health
  • Engage the whole child
  • Aid healthy childhood development
  • Strengthen the bond between parent and child
  • Create a safe, non-judgemental environment for new parents to explore and express the complicated emotions and hardships of parenthood
  • (Bonus!) Generate overall benefits for participating musicians & the extended community

Investing in the well-being of parents and their small children—particularly those in tough life situations—is widely considered one of the most important factors in improving community wellness. That’s why the Lullaby Project has been so successful in every local community it has served, and why we have made it a key facet to the work we do here at 4th Trimester Arizona.

Lullaby Voices with Simone

Why (Making) Music Matters

Just like the mother-child bond, music is a primal force. We believe music can heal the world, because music can heal people–and that starts at birth.

Our world is filled with so many kind, capable, and creative people. We are a curious species. We will continue to discover, invent, and learn. We can make our world a safer, more just, and humane place for all.

– Bruce D. Perry MD, PhD.

The above speaks perfectly to 4th Trimester Arizona’s dedication to helping strengthen our local community on a grassroots level. As a Lullaby Project partner organization, our goal is to harness the healing power of music in efforts to contribute to a more safe, just, humane world.

And research confirms this! An overflow of studies that music has a powerful (and visible) effect on brain plasticity, function, and connectivity. Young brains, being particularly “plastic,” are extremely receptive to music’s ability to stimulate brain growth (even day-old infants breathe in different patterns depending on whether they are listening to Mozart or Stravinsky!).

Now more than ever, our local communities are suffering on multiple levels. Investing in both the arts and in our children, we believe, will undoubtedly contribute toward healing Arizona’s families.

It Takes A Symphony!

Like a symphony, community projects like Lullaby Project Arizona require a harmonious ensemble to make it work. If you share our growing vision and want to be a part of orchestrating something special at the ground level, we invite you to check out our GoFundMe page to explore how you can contribute!

From a Lullaby Project Mom

I wrote this lullaby to express to my daughter that nothing is out of reach. The world is hers for the taking. Having her, spending every day with her has shown me how much more there is to life. I want her to have peace of mind just like she is my little piece of mind.”

– Lachandra, Lullaby Project Mother