Leilani Manako

Advanced Yoga Teacher, Associate Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master Founder, Leilani Soul Wellness



Leilani Soul Wellness is an alternative holistic healing practice to help those suffering from mental affliction. Using a variety of modalities including: yoga, bodywork, energy clearing and intuitive coaching, the goal is create wholeness, connection, balance, and peace within the client. LSW serves parents of postpartum depression, clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Leilani, the founder of LSW, serves from a loving and compassionate place to give her clients a voice of liberation and healing. Being a mother of three herself, she has experienced and suffered from many of the symptoms that mothers and parents do; including postpartum depression and a sense of lost identity. She found her way back by healing herself through yoga, energy healing, and intuitive bodywork. She graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2017 with her degree as an Advanced Yoga Teacher and Healing Arts Practitioner.

Leilani is passionate to help those in desperate situations seeking help and yearning for change. She can be reached through her Facebook business page or by email.

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