Kristi Anderson

Intuitive Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Owner and Founder, Ida Pingala Yoga


Kristi Anderson is the owner and founder of Ida Pingala Yoga. She has spent her career deeply involved in the world of yoga, sound healing, energy healing, and senior fitness. A successful leader, Kristi has guided numerous instructors to reach their own personal greatness and has served as manager and coordinator for several health clubs nationwide. She holds specialty certifications in Gong, Hatha Gong™, Tuning Fork Therapy™, Yoga, Reiki (Level 3), Pilates, Crystal Dreaming™, kickboxing, Body Balance™, Drums Alive™, senior fitness and kids fitness. Kristi became a Gong Master in 2013. She is one of 16 Aquarian Gong Masters in the world.

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