Dr. Debra Wickman


Dr. Debra Wickman is a gynecologist with more than 20 years of experience. She completed a fellowship in Female Sexual Medicine at UCLA, and is also trained as a sexuality counselor.

Her model of diagnosis and treatment incorporates programs that uniquely educate, empower, and encourage personal growth, sexual discovery and healing for women. The programs look beyond a singular medical, pharmaceutical, or behavioral therapy, and instead integrate all approaches from a mind-body perspective. Central to her model is a holistic sexuality approach, using her training as a gynecologist to link the physical aspect of healing with the mental, emotional and spiritual facets to treat the whole sexual being.

Her research interests include exploring effects of sexual practices on the vaginal microbiome, and methods to condition the female arousal response.
She is a popular workshop speaker for women’s groups, and has also presented lectures and research at venues such as the World Congress of Sexual Medicine in Beijing, China; ACOG 2017 Annual Clinical & Scientific Meeting, AASECT 2017 Annual Meeting and the World Association of Sexual Health in Prague, Czech Republic. She is featured in the 2017 book – Outstanding Results – authoring a chapter entitled “Outstanding Doctor–Patient Relationships: How to Connect with your Physician and Receive Optimal Care”.

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