Caitlin Green Cheney

Caitlin is a wife and mom to three amazing girls. She has a passion for empowering others to take their health and wellness into their own hands. She loves building authentic relationships and creating supportive communities. Her love for the human body and movement began at a young age when she began dancing, which led her to pursue an MFA in modern dance. After college she danced professionally for a short period before gaining interest in leading group fitness classes, which she has continued to do for 10 years.

After the birth of her first baby she realized that staying active was crucial for her mental and physical wellbeing, but like many new moms she didn’t have any mom-friends! She found Fit4Mom where she gained a village of moms as well as passion for teaching pre and postnatal fitness to mamas of all fitness levels and abilities. This is where Caitlin saw the need for maternal support during the postpartum period. She knew something wasn’t quite right when moms were “cleared” to workout 6 weeks after having their baby, but mom was worn-out, stressed, hurting, and depleted, not to mention her doctor usually hadn’t checked for or even asked about diastasis recti or pelvic floor health. She knew something had to be done to change this narrative, and so with the courage and friendship of her dear friend Elizabeth, they immersed themselves into learning everything they could about the 4th trimester as they were determined to help moms and families transition into motherhood by means of a smoother and more holistic path. It became readily evident that resources and information regarding this period were sparse and teaching moms how to prepare for the 4th trimester was almost non-existent. She then knew they had found their path, and they co-founded Matrescence*: 4th Trimester Planning and Support.

*Matrescence /ma tres ens/ n.: the process of becoming a mother.

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