The What, Why and How of 4th Trimester Care

If you had a knee surgery, you’d probably expect a recovery plan. So why is it when you have a baby, you don’t? Aren’t we supposed to “just survive” early motherhood like so many others do?

Mom’s long-term health (think menopause and beyond) is dependent by her ability to fully recover physically after the stressors of pregnancy and birth. You don’t have to “just survive.” Join us to learn how to create your solid foundation for future health and wellness! 4th Trimester care is ESSENTIAL, not a luxury!

This mini-workshop is designed for women currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant – no matter if you’re first-time or a veteran mom!

Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Caitlin Green Cheney

Caitlin is a wife and mom to three amazing girls. She has a passion for empowering others to take their health and wellness into their own hands.

Elizabeth Wood

To say the least, Elizabeth’s path to becoming a 4th trimester educator is unorthodox. Professionally, her love for science drew her to complete a degree in Physics at the United States Naval Academy followed by an advanced degree in Engineering Management.

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