The Healing Room

Resilient mothers, we SEE you. We see you ceaselessly give of your body and heart to the ones you love; persevere through the sleepless nights and days; strive to cultivate a sense of peace and joy in your family in the midst of an increasingly fragmented society; carry forward the most meritorious of services – the nurturing and education of the next generation – in spite of the often lack of encouragement and support found in your daily life; and work to be present for your children even when the demands of life feel overwhelming.

Do you need a BREAK? An other-worldly place to escape to for an hour of rest, relaxation, love and light?

Join us for a 1-hour healing session dedicated to the body, mind, heart and soul!

Come sink into the warm womb of the The Healing Room – a sacred space where all can be forgotten, and you can come home to the remembrance of who YOU truly are. Come be honored, heard and held. Leave feeling more integrated, peaceful and connected!

Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Chelsea Cleghon

Flourish Coaching & Bodywork

Chelsea Cleghon is an Intuitive Coach and Transformational Bodyworker with training that includes massage therapy, EFT, and Health Coaching. She is committed to people experiencing a centered state of being & an opening of the heart. Chelsea is passionate about creating a space where people feel loved & see their greater purpose.

Kristi Anderson

Intuitive Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Owner and Founder, Ida Pingala Yoga

Kristi Anderson is the owner and founder of Ida Pingala Yoga. She has spent her career deeply involved in the world of yoga, sound healing, energy healing, and senior fitness.

Leilani Manako

Advanced Yoga Teacher, Associate Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master Founder, Leilani Soul Wellness

Leilani Soul Wellness is an alternative holistic healing practice to help those suffering from mental affliction. Using a variety of modalities including: yoga, bodywork, energy clearing and intuitive coaching, the goal is create wholeness, connection, balance, and peace within the client. LSW serves parents of postpartum depression, clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Lua Zawacki

Integrative Bodywork Practitioner

Lua Zawacki is an integrative bodywork practitioner with expertise in energy balancing techniques that address the underlying causes of physical, emotional and psychological distress and disease; support one’s unique healing and truth-seeking process; and can connect each individual to their inherent wisdom and life’s purpose for greater peace, joy and freedom in their lives.

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