The Healing Room – Infants

The transition from womb to world is a big one. The experience embodies intense physical and emotional changes for baby and mom alike, and is often accompanied by trauma along the way.

Could your infant benefit from some additional healing support?

Bring them in for a 30-minute Cranial Sacral Therapy session to nourish and support their new and developing system. These sessions are supportive of:

  • Resolving residual imbalances resulting from the birthing process and adjustment to life in this new realm
  • Greater emotional and physical wellness for baby and mom
  • Strengthening the bond between mother and infant

Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Heather Rose James and Megan Rodman

Heather Rose James and Megan Rodman

Heather Rose James and Megan Rodman are the founders of Free to be Healed, a practice located in Tempe, AZ. They provide holistic therapies, energy work, bodywork, psychic-spiritual development, and intuitive readings.

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