Supports and Resources during Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

First Things First and Southwest Human Development can help you find the resources you need as professionals, parents, and caregivers to support healthy families and healthy children – during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.


Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Sheri Collins

Sheri Collins is a First Things First Community Outreach Coordinator for the Southeast Maricopa Region. Before joining First Things First, Sheri served as a First Things First grant partner in the East Maricopa, Southeast Maricopa and Yavapai regions as an Outreach Specialist with Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA). Prior to AzCA, Sheri was a marketing and communications manager, marketing consultant, educator and lobbying associate. Her professional experience includes journalism, media relations, government, education, fundraising, grant writing, community outreach and event management. Sheri holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Louisiana State University.

Sandy La Cava

Sandy LaCava, M.Ed., an Arizona resident for over 38 years, raised two children as a single mom. She worked for years in the business sector, then in education, and is presently community development manager at Southwest Human Development. Sandy believes children are our greatest resource and by providing supports for families we can greatly impact a child’s future success in school and in life. This is her work – educating our community about the importance of a healthy foundation for Arizona’s children, knowing it is good for families and good for Arizona.