Sound Healing Tools for Connecting

The magical power of Sound and Music has been used as a healing modality since ancient times. This ancient science is making a comeback and is now backed by research into its healing benefits. Sound can help you relax, find balance, heal, remove energetic blocks, connect you to source, and more! And the best thing about it – is that its simple, and accessible to anyone.

During this session we will journey into the world of sound and learn how sound can create subtle but profound positive changes in our bodies – including stress release and relaxation. Sound can also be used to create a beautiful connection between you and your baby, and other family members. Often its not our words that connect us, but a vibration that comes from our hearts. Different techniques will be shared and experienced that you can do on your own to assist in your own healing and transformation. As we fine tune ourselves, we begin living in harmony with the universe. The presentation also includes a magnificent healing sound bath at the end!

Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Gretchen Bickert

Gretchen Bickert is a Sound & Energy Therapist and works with people as well as animals.