Meditation for Busy Parents

Monks on a mountaintop, we are not! As parents, we have bills to pay, school pick ups, sports practices, messes to clean, meals to cook, and a multitude of demands. Who has time to meditate?! In this fun and experiential class, meditation teacher and midwife Jennifer Hoeprich shares a secret that all parents need to know: Meditation actually gives us MORE time! We’ll explore the science behind meditation and mindfulness, and how it changes the brain. We will also look at the barriers to meditation practice, and how to clear the hurdles. We’ll also discuss strategies to involve your children in your meditation practice! Push the pause button, and enjoy this meditation class just for busy parents!

Current Speaker(s) for this session:

Jennifer Hoeprich, LM

Jennifer Hoeprich, CPM, CMT is a home birth midwife, meditation teacher, and women’s circle facilitator who has served birthing families in the Phoenix area since 2004.

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