Michelle Lacy, Counselor and Clinical Director, knows what it feels like to struggle through Postpartum OCD and Depression, and how to come out through the other side.

“Nobody talked about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders,” says Michelle. “I  believed I was the only one going through it. I struggled for almost 6 months before I found someone who normalized it for me and I got the help I needed to be the mom I wanted to be. I wish I had known what could happen so my family and I didn’t suffer for 6 months before I got the much needed help.”

If the audience could only leave with one takeaway, she added, “Motherhood is a transition with many twists and turns which can include changes in mood. You are not alone and there is support to help you feel like yourself again.“

Michelle will be one of the speakers and panelists on the Demystifying Postpartum Depression and Anxiety discussion.  Don’t miss it!

Contact information:

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Email:  mlacy @ whiarizona.com