On March 9, 2019, Keeley Bruner enjoyed the sessions at the 2nd Annual 4th Trimester Arizona Conference. She relished the nuggets of information that speakers imparted from various topics including Your Body Before and After Pregnancy: What No One Tells You, Sleep: Practical Strategies for Modern Parents and Sex and Intimacy After Baby. She felt supported. Empowered. 

Keeley was also pregnant with her third baby. 

“Attending the conference was especially meaningful,” Keely said. “To be able to hear the sessions while they were all perfectly applicable and to really feel cared for in that way, even pampered. Especially with subsequent pregnancies, pampering seems to diminish with each one, as a matter of practical necessity, so it was a much appreciated “day off” devoted to my physical and emotional needs, both for pregnancy and 4th trimester.”

She left knowing that she wanted to be a part of the next 4th Trimester Arizona Conference.

Keeley Bruner is a mother of three, having completed her most recent 4th trimester after giving birth last spring. She is inspired by the 4th Trimester Arizona’s mission of supporting, empowering, connecting, and advocating for postpartum mothers and families 

Creating a Postpartum Game Plan – Learning From Experience

Having had three kiddos, Keeley can and is willing to share the benefits of having more realistic expectations with oneself. Especially as it pertains to taking the time to recover, caring for the baby, and utilizing various support networks. Now as a speaker for the Third Annual Fourth Trimester Arizona Conference, she will lean in to the value of having support in the fourth trimester. 

She recalls her own fourth trimesters: “it would have been more helpfulful to have less advice, and more support.”

 I think that, especially in our culture, a lot of women take 4th trimester recovery for granted. We don’t acknowledge how vital it is for our bodies to recover, not only from birth but also from pregnancy. My goal is to help women appreciate the need for rest and recovery, and then to give them tools to plan and facilitate that recovery for themselves

  Feeling That Shared Experience

It’s Keeley’s hope that the attendees of this conference will leave feeling as she did: supported and with a sense of unity.  For those who attend her session her wish is that “ women will come away feeling free and empowered to be gentle with themselves, and excited to devote a couple of weeks to the work of caring for themselves and their new baby(ies).”

During the Creating a Postpartum Game Plan session, parents will be introduced to a menu of ideas for managing the post-partum period, particularly with subsequent children, in a way that fosters physical and emotional health. Discussion will include suggestions for post-partum well-being, such as SNOWBALL, and offer various ways to incorporate them practically.

Don’t Just Plan To Come

The 3rd Annual 4th Trimester Conference is nearly upon us! Don’t miss out on the great sessions like this one. 

Days Until The 3rd Annual 4th Trimester Arizona Conference