Meet the Team

Lakisa Muhammad

Black Mamas Support Village Lead


Lakisa Muhammad is a fierce activist, story teller, educator, and cultural preservationist. She is the founder and owner of A Mother’s Worth Birth Services, Grannies, Aunties, and Birth, and Arizona Birthworkers of Color. She is also the executive director of The Phoenix Birth Foundation.

She identifies as the quintessential Southern, Black auntie with lots of love and a bit of bougie for taste. When she’s not helping parents welcome babies into the world, she may be found crafting, gardening, and mothering her 3 children.

Utilizing the softness of the divine feminine and the drive of a heart of service, she works to create self awareness that will remove barriers and erect stepping stones to success for herself, family and her community. Be it owning your personal best in life, creating the birth experience you desire, or manifesting your birthwork journey, Lakisa is a star maker.

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