4th Trimester AZ presents

Ecosystem Summit 2021 | Virtual

Join healthcare providers, community health workers, researchers, non-profits, and more on Sept 24, 2021 as we explore the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experiences of Arizona families during the COVID19 pandemic.

Share your stories, network with community support organizations and local providers, and gain valuable new insights to improve your practice.

About the Ecosystem Summit

Last year brought extraordinary disruption and unexpected challenges. Maternal mood disorders increased. Health disparities were further exacerbated. The way you deliver care has irreversibly changed, as have the needs of those you serve.

There is an urgent need to understand how COVID19 has impacted the health of pregnant, birthing and postpartum families in Arizona.

This one day virtual event brings together the providers, organizations, and people working with postpartum families to address this need. Together, we’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities of the past 18 months. Whether you’re a doula, educator, physician, or non-profit — if you’re passionate about maternal and child health, you’re a part of the 4th Trimester Ecosystem, and you’re invited to the Summit.

Deepen your understanding, forge new partnerships, and help families thrive by signing up today.

Join us at the 4th Trimester Ecosystem Summit.

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Build valuable local partnerships with providers across Arizona.

Gain insights from a diverse lineup of frontline caregivers.

Discover available resources to tap into for postpartum families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

This summit is for everyone who supports birthing, pregnant, and postpartum families in Arizona. That includes physicians, physical therapists, community health workers, doulas, counselors, midwives, researchers, and more. During this summit you’ll gain deep insight into your clients’ needs — including what they won’t tell you directly. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your work and network with local professionals.

How much will it cost to register?

We want this opportunity to be inclusive of the many professionals and organizations that work with perinatal families. That’s why we’ve made the 4th Trimester Ecosystem Summit completely free.

How is this different from other conferences or summits?

This is the only event bringing together both parents and providers to share their direct experiences of the COVID19 pandemic. You won’t encounter this breadth of perspective anywhere else. We’re also completely focused on Arizona, making the discussions and networking highly relevant to your local practice.

Is this just another online presentation I have to sit through? I have serious Zoom fatigue.

The Ecosystem Summit isn’t just another online conference. It’s an interactive event designed to encourage deep conversations and build new partnerships among providers. You’ll be able to reach out to other attendees for informal discussions and networking just like you do at in-person events. We’ll also be hosting an exclusive in-person networking event the night before the online summit.

How do I earn CEUs?

Certificates of attendance (CEUs) for professional development hours will be available following the Summit after completion of a short evaluation. (The Ecosystem Summit is approved for six (6) continuing education hours. Certificates of attendance will be provided for submission to your respective credentialing agencies.)