SIx Questions With Ana Arbel

≈ What do you do? I manage the Birth to Five Helpline-Fussy Baby Program at Southwest Human Development. Why will you be participating in the Second Annual 4th Trimester Conference? It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect, attend some...

Meet Michelle Lacy, Counselor, Clinical Director

Michelle Lacy, Counselor and Clinical Director, knows what it feels like to struggle through Postpartum OCD and Depression, and how to come out through the other side. “Nobody talked about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders,” says Michelle. “I  believed I was...

Meet Nancy Dastrup

Nancy Dastrup is all about childproofing, safety assessments, safety classes, pool fence, water safety, and car safety. It is the utmost priority for her that parents and caregivers can create a safe environment in their homes for their little family. “Having your car...
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